About us

Established in 1980 in Taipei, Lilin started with a small plant with an area of 1620 sqm. With a humble beginning of only 3 to 5 employees, the company developed  a wide range of CCTV products including TUBE camera, rotating platforms, all-purpose rotating platforms, channel selectors、distributors, amplifiers and tripods. Despite the hardships in the beginning, the endeavors of Chairman Hsu, a man of vigor, passion, perseverance and entrepreneurship, have brought the CCTV products successfully into the markets both home and abroad after extensive efforts concentrated on the R&D. The company has cleared a way for itself and created its own brand---CS LILIN.      

    With the growth of business, Lilin purchased its own plant in Sanchung in 1985 with an area of 12,600 sqm for more production capability and flexibility. The larger space also allowed Lilin to be more concentrated at the R&D and production of various elements of monitoring systems.  The booming securities industry in Taiwan at that time brought a surge in monitor monitor demands, which in turn generated plentiful  orders for video cameras and other products. The number of Lilin’s employees  increased from 5 to over 50. The company’s video taking product line saw a major advancement from TUBE to CCD and from B/W CCD to color CCD. Meanwhile, overseas operations were set up one after another. The first overseas branch of Lilin came in Hong Kong in 1987 and three years later in 1990, two other branches were established in Guangzhou, China and France. The Taiwan-based enterprise was ready to go to the world for establishing a global service network and providing customers with more and better choices.        

   Thanks to the endeavors of Lilin’s staff, the company was able to purchase the first building in Wuku Industrial Zone with a total area of 39600 sqm in 1992, nearly tripling the size of the previous plant site. This new location enabled Lilin to even more refine its R&D system by establishing the R8D department which came up with more hi-end monitor systems and peripheral items to enhance the integrity of the systems. Lilin was also the first company in Taiwan to successfully develop the fast dome camera which provided better effects of video taking during both day and night. A progress was also made for the development of DVR and other products continued to be innovated. Our team has always been dedicated to the pursuit of novelty product appearances, complete functions and stable quality. In 1997, we passed the ISO9002 certification to enhance the internal management of the company for providing customers with better product quality and services. Lilin did not slow down its pace in setting up overseas operations during that period. Currently there are 11 overseas branches and it is our long-term goal to build a global service network for the clients to use our products and enjoy fast and considerate services.

   With the diversification of the product line and increase of business, the original building became inadequate and the second building was purchased in 2007 with an area of 87,500 sqm to give the employees a more spacious and comfortable workplace. The R&D team became even stronger and passed the ISO9001 certification in 2003, a recognition for its maturity and professionalism. The products developed by Lilin had progressed from analogue to digital; DVR had seen developments of MPEG4 and H.624; more complete functions, novelty exteriors and easy installation and removal had been sought on fast dome camera. The H.264 product is currently the focus of our product development.     

   We have been actively engaged in the promotion of our own brand since the inception. As a brand is an honor and a responsibility, Lilin has spared no efforts in providing the clients with the best product quality, most complete system integration and the fastest service network to give them a peace of mind in choosing our products. 

    With the advent of total digitalization of the CCTV industry, Lilin will be moving  towards the development of digitalized IP to make the transfer from analogue to digital and provide a complete product line and system integration. We are now focusing on the development of the H.264 compression technology and applying it to all the Lilin products including cameras, DVR, CMS, Fast Dome, Matrix and IP products for provision of total solutions to the CCTV industry. In the future, we will direct our efforts in the development of Megapixe 1 and 3G to bring about a new era for the CCTV industry.